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Different Currencies and Exchange Rates: Our placements are priced per person and invoiced in Sterling. The prices given for the different currencies are a guide based on recent exchange rates and may alter down or up according to prevailing exchange rates at the time of payment. E&OE.

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PriceListNameCurrency SymbolFixed PriceOne WeekTwo WeeksThree WeeksFour WeeksFive WeeksSix WeeksSeven WeeksEight WeeksNine WeeksTen WeeksEleven WeeksTwelve WeeksExtra Weeks
COURSE: Photography, 6 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£  7501,1001,4001,700        320
COURSE: Salsa, 5 x 2-hour lessons, in Buenos Aires£  9951,4551,9152,3752,8353,2953,7554,2154,6755,1355,5956,055460
COURSE: Spanish at University, 15 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£     1,8252,118 2,7032,995     
COURSE: Spanish, Private, 10 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£  8751,1501,4251,7001,9752,2502,5252,8003,0753,3503,6253,900275
COURSE: Tango, 5 x 2-hour lessons pw, in Buenos Aires£  9951,4551,9152,3752,8353,2953,7554,2154,6755,1355,5956,055460
TEACH: Children, in Buenos Aires£   7458951,0451,1951,3451,4951,6451,7951,9452,0952,245150