Placement Lengths: From 1-Week Specials up to a year, depending on visa restrictions.
What is included: 
Generally, accommodation, food, transport, but please see the individual Project description pages for accurate information. Prices exclude flights.
Different Currencies and Exchange Rates: Our placements are priced per person and invoiced in Sterling. The prices given for the different currencies are a guide based on recent exchange rates and may alter down or up according to prevailing exchange rates at the time of payment.

 Do 2 or more projects of 4 weeks or longer each in the same country and get a discount of £300 on each additional project.*
 Do projects in any two or more countries and get 10% discount on the project in the second country.* More Discounts and Specials...
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PriceListNameCurrency SymbolFixed PriceOne WeekTwo WeeksThree WeeksFour WeeksFive WeeksSix WeeksSeven WeeksEight WeeksNine WeeksTen WeeksEleven WeeksTwelve WeeksExtra Weeks
CONSERVATION: Monkey & Primate Rehabilitation, near Cordoba£  1,3451,5751,7751,9752,1752,3752,5752,7752,9753,1753,3753,575200
COURSE: Photography, 6 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£  1,0901,4851,8852,310        300
COURSE: Salsa, 5 x 2-hour lessons, in Buenos Aires£  1,3901,9252,4903,0803,5744,0504,5615,0555,5596,0636,5667,070505
COURSE: Spanish at University, 15 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£     2,6753,099 3,9464,370     
COURSE: Spanish, Private, 10 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£  1,1901,5751,9702,4402,7453,0303,3553,6603,9754,2904,6054,920320
COURSE: Spanish, Private, 6 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£  1,0501,3751,6852,1502,4102,6702,9303,1903,4513,7133,9744,235265
COURSE: Tango, 5 x 2-hour lessons pw, in Buenos Aires£  1,3901,9252,4903,0803,5744,0504,5615,0555,5596,0636,5667,070505
INTERNSHIP: Law, in Buenos Aires£       2,270 2,6552,8463,0383,2293,420195
INTERNSHIP: Medical/Health, Primary Care Centre, Buenos Aires£         2,6602,8513,0433,2343,425195
INTERNSHIP: Veterinary, in Buenos Aires£   1,3951,5951,8952,0862,2802,4692,6602,8513,0433,2343,425195
SPORTS: Coach Cricket with ACA, in Buenos Aires£   1,1951,4951,7951,9862,1752,3692,5602,7512,9433,1343,325195
TEACH: Children, in Buenos Aires£   1,1951,4951,7951,9862,1752,3692,5602,7512,9433,1343,325195
XTRA ADD-ON: 1 week Salsa Dance Lessons in Buenos Aires, 5 hrs pw£  220           220
XTRA ADD-ON: 1 week Tango Dance Lessons in Buenos Aires, 5 hrs pw£  220           220
XTRA ADD-ON: 1-Week Spanish Language Course in Buenos Aires£ 590             
XTRA ADD-ON: 2 weeks Photography Lessons, 6 hours per week, in Buenos Aires£ 295             
XTRA ADD-ON: A Culinary Argentinian Experience£ 85             
XTRA ADD-ON: Cycle Tour of Buenos Aires£ 38             
XTRA ADD-ON: Graffiti Tour of Buenos Aires£ 35             
XTRA ADD-ON: Spanish Lessons, 10 hrs pw, in Buenos Aires£  195           195